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Our system is aimed at making public ratings of industrial enterprises based on their energy efficiency. The benchmarking is performed using modificators, which may have different weight dependidng on industry and expert evaluation. In current version of automated benchmarking system the ratings are calculated for a pilot group of 50 oil extracting companies which are divided in 3 homogenious groups based on depth, debit and watering of their oil wells. In order to see the rating for each homogeneous group, please, click on the interactive check box near the name of the modificator. If you want to narrow the number of comanies for the rating you can move the scroll and set its value to the needed position. 
The system also includes the rating of the Russian regions by their energy efficiency. It is illustrated by an interactive map on which you can click to see the concrete figures for each region (all data is taken from official sources (Rosstat)). 
If you want to read more about the methodology of the benchmarking, please, refer to "Methodology" menu item, while in "Vocabulary" you will find explanation of all terms used in the research. 
If you still have any questions, please, feel free to fill in feedback form in "Contact". 
In order to get acces to all functionality of the system, please, click on Register or choose menu item Register from pull-down menu in the upper right corner of the page.